Executive Staff

Nikki Yager


Nikki is a born and raised Floridian who recently graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. Afterwards she realized her passion was dealing with books, and after the successul 2 year anniversary of The Dragon’s Rocketship Facebook page, she and her sister-in-law Mandi decided to take the plunge into the publication world.

Books, writing, crafts, her husband, and her pets are her life, and she is determined to make sure that other authors feel how great she felt when her first short story was published.

Mandi Yager


Acquisition Editors

Matthew Mitchell

Mathew is the author of the Legends Of Acala book series and a founding member of The Dragon’s Rocketship Facebook page, and has been a staff editor for Far Horizons Magazine since 2014. After a decade as a pediatric nurse, he decided to pursue a full-time career in writing, his first love. Matthew is generally considered to be an encyclopedia of useless knowledge. He lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife, twin boys, three dogs, a wolf, and the wolf ’s fluffy cat.

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Terri Alonzo

Terri Alonzo lives in too sunny California. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication. She works full time as a Department Supervisor in the central operations of her local community bank. She writes fantasy to escape the great boredom of banking and to occasionally plot the demise of bothersome individuals.

Jennifer Ponce

Jen Ponce is an author and avid reader who enjoys everything from romance, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, and all the weird stuff in between. She also works as an advocate for victims of sexual and domestic violence and pretty much anyone else who needs help but isn’t sure where to turn. She lives in the Panhandle of NE with her boys, her cats, and her goldfish Reginald.

Mirren Hogan

Mirren Hogan lives in NSW Australia with her husband, two daughters, dog, cat, rabbits and countless birds. She has a Bachelor of Arts (English/ history), a Graduate Diploma of Arts (writing) and a couple of degrees in education. She writes fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal fiction.